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Frequency Meter price

  • Pointer Frequency Meter
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    Pointer Frequency Meter

    Pointer Frequency Meter Ⅰ、Survey: 1.Pointer Frequency Meter is a Economic and practical meter. 2.high sensitivity 3.high quality Ⅱ、Main technical specification 1、Accuracy Class: 0.5F·S±1 class 2、Display Digit:4 3、Reference Input:AC /AV:0~5A/0~500V volts D.C.:0~199.9V 0~1000V 4、Power...Read More
  • Digital Frequency Meter
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    Digital Frequency Meter

    Digital Frequency Meter Meaning of the model code D ___ ___- ___ ___ ___ - ___ (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (1):Series number L:Current model Y:Voltage model F-frequency R-revolving speed (2):External dimension and Installation hole(mm): T:160×80×85 156×76 A:96×96×90 92×92 D:72×72×90 68×68 E:48×96×75...Read More