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Intelligent Humidity Regulator

  • Intelligent PID Humidity Controller
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    Intelligent PID Humidity Controller

    XMT*-607 series Humidity Controller Ⅰ、Survey XMT*-607 series controller is dual row 3-LED display, to display the measured value and set value. It is operated with 3-keys, and the available control methods including on/off, PID control, with easy parameter setting,convenient information...Read More
  • Intelligent LCD Humidity Controller
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    Intelligent LCD Humidity Controller

    FC-071 Humidity control meter Ⅰ、Main technical specification 1、input type: high molecule 2、display range:0~99RH% 3、sensor error correct:-19.9~20.0 control difference:0.1~50.0℃ 4、Relay output contact capacity:10A 240VAC 5、Power:(85~242)VAC 50Hz/60Hz 6、Environment Temperature: 0 to 50℃, Humidity:...Read More