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Intelligent Time Relay manufacturers

  • Clockwise Intelligent Time Relay
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    Clockwise Intelligent Time Relay

    XMTG-3000 series Time Relay Ⅰ.Main technical Indexes 1、Display method:4-LED display directly the time 2、Range:0~999S 3、Clock accuracy:0.005%F.S 4、Power consumption:<3W 5、Output contact capacity:AC220V 3A(resistance load) 6、Power supply :AC85V~242V 50HZ 7、Working...Read More
  • Counterclockwise Intelligent Time Relay
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    Counterclockwise Intelligent Time Relay

    SNG intelligent time relay SNG intelligent time relay is intelligent double row four-LED display meter, it is operated with three-keys, have the function of single setting、double setting time. Parameters set isfast, symbols display is simple. The meter adopts the imported super anti-chip design,...Read More