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  • Temperature Paper Recorder

    Contact NowTemperature Paper Recorder1) The temperature controller (recorder) is XMT-808, 908, with miniature printer and pack it. Fix time to print, it can check the moment time. The measured deviation: ± 0.5F. S ± 1, additional cold end compensation deviation ± 1oC The relay output contact capacity: 10A the resistance load Solid...Read More

  • Temperature Itinerant Detecting Paper Recorder

    Contact NowTemperature Itinerant Detecting Paper RecorderMain Technical Indexes: 1.Accuracy: ± 0.5%F· S± 1B 2.Input signal: K E J R S Pt100 Cu50 3.Temperature: K(-30~1300º C) E(-30~800º C) J(-30~1000º C) R(-30.0~1700.0º C) S(0~1600º C) Pt100(-200.0~600º C) Cu50(-50.0~150.0º C) 4. Passage quantity: At most 16 5.Alarm relay contact capacity: 220V...Read More

  • Temperature And Humidity Paper Recorder

    Contact NowTemperature And Humidity Paper RecorderThe XMT9007-8 temperature & humidity instrument is an intelligence instrument based on the computer technique. It adopts a 2-row digital 8 high-light 7 sect LED and synchronous display both the humidity and drying temperature measured. The control parameters can be set by panel and displayed...Read More