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Pointer Hygrothermograph China

  • Digital Pointer Temperature And Humidity Meter

    Contact NowDigital Pointer Temperature And Humidity MeterTM-900 Series Handy digital temperature thermometer AC90~242V 50Hz/60Hz size: 60*120*90 TM-900 handset digital thermometer is an instrument for measure temperature value. It does introduce LCD display, higher precision and higher integration. It has excellences for weigh t lighter, volume...Read More

  • Bimetallic Pointer Temperature And Humidity Meter

    Contact NowBimetallic Pointer Temperature And Humidity MeterSummary: WSS series bimetal thermometer is a kind measuring middle-temperature, low-temperature field instrument, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, printing dyeing industry production process Electrification contact bimetal thermometer can automatic control signal or give a...Read More