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Pointer Temperature Adjuster China

  • Knob Pointer Temperature Controller 01
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    Knob Pointer Temperature Controller 01

    TE-01 temperature adjuster The TE-01 temperature adjuster can be combined with diverse thermocouples to render an automatic measuring and control over the temperature. The adjuster is the on-off regulating method. The adjusters have functions of the cold end automatic compensation and...Read More
  • Knob Pointer Temperature Controller 2001
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    Knob Pointer Temperature Controller 2001

    TED-2001 temperature controller TED-2001 temperature controller applies special technique to resist interference and adopts digital display of measure temperature and method of ON/OFF control. It has high precision、good reliability、strong cushioning、easy installation and so on. This controller...Read More
  • Button Pointer Temperature Controller
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    Button Pointer Temperature Controller

    TDE-0301 temperature controller A .Technical specification: 1、Input: K Measurement precision: ≤1.5%FS±1B 2、Measure and control range: 0~399℃ 3、Control period: 30±10Sec; Proportional band range:2~6% 4、Deviation display range: -50~50℃ 5、Output contact capacity: AC220V 5A(resistance load) 6、Power...Read More